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A prospective client rang me last week.   We had been referred by a friend of his. Essentially, he was contributing into an executive pension plan, company arrangement, with Irish Life, for the last 10 years. He had 20 years to go to retirement. I carried out a review of his policy and established that Irish […]

A 59 year old gentleman rang me in November 2010 looking for pension advice.  He had built up a pension fund of €2,000,000 (hard to believe isn’t it) and was worried that the government would introduce additional taxation in respect of his tax tree lump sum in the budget that was due very shortly. Our client was […]

Q1 Are you truly independent and do you deal with all insurance companies or are you restricted to a small number of companies? Are you an ‘authorised adviser’ or a restricted activity intermediary? Q2 Are you prepared to transact business on a nil commission basis to ensure that I receive truly independent and ‘best’ advice? […]